Xbox not updating from usb

Bobi did not think it mattered i was not trying to be a jerk or nothing i just thought when you put something on a CD no matter how you did it you burned it on there so my bad and yes i did use a drag and drop I make a folder on my desktop. Then I use CDBURNERXP to create a CLOSED SESSION CDR. About 1/2 will fail to create the CD.-Here's what I did and the update worked, sort of.

Downloaded the file from here unzipped the file onto my desktop.

Follow the steps below to set up the Microsoft Intelli Type Pro software with your Microsoft USB Natural Keyboard Pro on Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit).

Download the appropriate version of Microsoft Intelli Type Pro for your edition of Windows: If Microsoft has released a newer version of Intelli Type since this article was written, your results may vary.

Now you will need to temporarily close the Intelli Type software, which runs in the background: Open your Control Panel, choose the "Hardware and Sound" category, and open the Device Manager.

If you decide to install a newer version of Intelli Type and run into trouble, uninstall it and use the version linked above instead. When asked to select your keyboard model, choose "Natural Multi Media Keyboard." You will also be asked if you would like the software to automatically check for new versions.

I suggest you disable automatic updates: a new version of the software could undo the changes you will be making here.

Good news for Natural Keyboard Pro owners: the instructions below describe an easy way to restore full functionality for the keyboard under Windows Vista and Windows 7, including programmable media keys.

As with certain other Microsoft hardware, this seems to be a case of Microsoft phasing out support for a perfectly functional product for questionable reasons.

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Simply because you couldn't put in an exception just for system updates on burned media.

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