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Sometime after Harry Osborn's death, Raxton is called in when mysterious forces kidnap Liz Allan's son, Normie.He uses his brawn and brains to help Spider-Man and the Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich uncover what happened.

When Harry Osborn comes to visit Liz and Normie, he and Liz get into an argument.

Under mind control, Molten Man attacked and killed Osborn's henchman Alison Mongraine, the only person who knew of the location of Peter and Mary Jane's baby.

While Molten Man has since recovered from the mind control, he still bears a heavy burden of guilt over the incident.

Although he finally was rid of the alloy, he still retained his powers such as his super strength and energy manipulation and a new power to incinerate anything by producing fire from his palms.

Harry built him a special suit using a part of the alloy and his DNA, to help him control his powers.

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