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Called Homophobia in Church, it’s set in modern-day Kampala.

The protagonist is Abby, “a beautiful young lady in her early twenties.

She is a lesbian but closeted.” One night Abby declines a friend’s invite to go out dancing with other LGBT friends, opting to attend church instead.

But to her horror, she finds herself paralysed in the pews as the pastor preaches against the evils of homosexuality.

Netball is the refugees’ only real physical activity.

Most of the day they can do nothing but lie about the house. Nelson and his housemates are some of Africa’s LGBT refugees – people forced to flee their home countries because of their sexuality.

It’s due to his creativity and determination, bringing the refugees together to do something, that he’s become a natural leader of the group.

The garden is perfectly groomed – not a single weed in sight.

They might seem like one big family, except for the fact that they’re all trying to escape. ” yells a young man named Nelson one afternoon, as a dozen housemates file out the door into a small concrete backyard.

They stand in line and take turns throwing a ball toward a thin metal rim elevated high on a wooden pole.

Some worked jobs at restaurants, while others held university degrees.

Many were students, while some of the youngest hadn’t even completed high school.

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He also writes plays that the other refugees act out – stories of young gay Ugandans who struggle to make sense of what religion and society say about them, and whether or not they should come out.

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