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Petit was called, amongst other things, a "moron", while another said there was “no point in giving GTA to a woman to review.

Their input is worthless.” How pathetic that women are still treated this way.

In an otherwise positive review, Game Spot’s Carolyn Petit called Grand Theft Auto V “politically muddled and profoundly misogynistic”, which is a strong, justifiable stance to take.

This was greeted by over 20,000 user comments, a large proportion of which were unequivocally misogynistic and abusive themselves.

GTAV’s lead writer Dan Houser has said that this game’s story “needed to be masculine”, which is, of course, his and Rockstar’s prerogative.

While Grand Theft Auto V’s almost relentless bitterness isn’t always to the game’s benefit, that it dares to try and make its audience uncomfortable is one of the many reasons I admire it.

However, I still believe that it would have been an even better game had one of the main characters been a woman.

” To my mind, at least, Rockstar are asking similar questions about the treatment of women in our culture. However, perhaps the great tragedy of GTAV is that too much of its audience is comfortable with it.

The satirical barbs at its target demographic are too heavy-handed, the industry too much in its adolescence, which leads to many of its male players to revel in its frat-boy humour, rather than feel repelled by it.

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