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Master suite, guest suite, 2/3 further beds, 2 further baths, kitchen, breakfast room, 2/3 receps, hall, cloakroom, stables, stores, mature gardens, paddock. Wiltshire: Dorothy’s Cottage, Fisherton de la Mere, Warminster.

This cottage, dating from the mid-1700s, overlooks the River Wylye and the village green.

Here, young girls ARE told to esteem the ‘Proverbs 31’ Wife model. Mothers teach their daughters in all strictness that when the day comes that they marry a man, they are to love him faithfully. But as a whole trend, Filipinas by age 17 already know how to keep a clean house, earn money, save money, help raise their baby siblings and have a much higher sense of respect for the authority of their parents. if you expect to date a younger Filipina here, be prepared more often than not to meet with her parents on the first or second date.

I probably only saw or knew someone in a May-December relationship perhaps a dozen times. I’m the kind of person that observes and asks a lot of direct questions from people in private. That is great, and I raised my daughter along those lines.

But there’s another unspoken side effect to this individualistic, self-sufficient mantra and it echoes something like this when they are older, “.” The only part of American culture I’ve witnessed that contradicts this mentality is found among conservative religions such as Christianity, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness, Seventh-Day Adventist and similar Bible based religions which still hold up the values of the Wife who is both a Help Mate to her Husband, yet submissive to his authority and leadership.

It does happen, but here it is the exception, not the general rule.

Now, take just a moment to wrap your mind around this, because it will be the crux of what we are discussing here. I tell you, I’ve lost track how many times I’ve seen two or three young ladies walking by and at first glance I thought they were all schoolmates.

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Was £17m, now OIEO £12m; Knight Frank (01285-659771).

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