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For six years the dog had been around the city sa- loon without showing the slight- est liking for intoxicants. It is caused by high feed- ing, and especially when grain is . and it was not long before I was ont of bed, and now I am stronger than ever." Hoosier and Kentucky Disc and Hoe Improved Wheat Drills.

i surpn body, and it fairly stu publicans who had th Are the latest styles. The saloon keeper has a New- foundland dog of which he is es- pecially fond. »j vented after tho fowls are tfy* except by shutting off the JEood and allowing plenty of fresh water, a cool, shady location be- ing also provided. express Charges )n Poultry— Use Nothing but Wood on Your Coop. They also had 244 pounds of cut green bone, at the same price, 364 pounds cook- ed refuse ineatat lj£cts.a pound, and 8 pounds and 7 ounces blood meat at 4 cts. They also were given vegetables bar-room a sad example of canine depravity. You may publish this statement if it will help any poor sufferer. After I heard of your medicine I determined to try it After taking it a short time I was Btrong-er.

and gtit to the value of , mak- ing the total expense for food .27, or 80 J4 cents per fowl for the year, 57' ; pounds of grain and nearly 13 pounds of meat each.— Poultry Keeper. How a Dog Became a Drunkard by Force of Bad Example. A peculiar instance of what bad example will do is illustrated in the cases of a rooster and a dog owned by a keeper of a su- burban road house.

Box Calf, Black Vi- ci and Patent Leather —every pair warrant- ed, except the patent leather—all made on new lasts, new toes and new tops; MADE ESPECIALLY .. *Have your feet fitted at the store, it's much the better way— fitting shoes is a feature of our business.

The speaking will take place at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Pryor, Ellis and Poyntz, convened today and in a ery short time announced the ap- pointments of county election com- missioners that were of most in- terest. After the grand jury as charged Judge Cook adjourned court until this morning, when the petit juries will be made up.

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Tbfse celebrated chalybeate and suit springs hiv situated immediately upon th- L utsville ami Memphis di.-inbu of the Illiuuid Central railioad, (foriiii rly Cliesipeake, Ohio and Southwestern Bailrotd.) 166 miles tvepi oi Loui'-ville. ie quests of the Arcadia House have free access to thu Spring* without extri i b litre Invalids Dr. Plans And Purposes of The Newly Incorporated Honolulu Stock tyards Company— Ground Bought, Building.

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