Is evan rachel wood still dating manson Uk chatt rooms

There were regular parts in television shows before she landed the role in Thirteen. But I was going through a lot of the emotions my character was going through.

'It was devastating being separated from my brothers.

Controversy has permeated Evan Rachel Wood’s professional and personal life, which doesn’t seem to bother the outspoken actress in the slightest.

Refreshingly un-PC, she will talk quite openly about her four-year on-off relationship with the shock rocker Marilyn Manson (currently off), her out-there film roles, family rifts, sexuality.

Yet when Wood meets me at a New York hotel she seems more angel than vamp, in a demure, flesh-coloured chiffon top, high-waisted J Brand trousers and delicate diamond loop earrings.

Her long hair, usually red for her role as the sexy lesbian vampire queen in the television series True Blood, is platinum blonde. Her skin glows, lit by a wall of candles behind us.

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