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Just using persistent cache option will allow Informatica to save resources and time for something done before.Check the following parameters in the transformation to use Persistent Lookup cache: - Lookup caching enabled - Lookup cache persistent Figure 1: Cache Persistent Enabled From now onwards, the same cache file will be used in all the consecutive runs, saving time building the cache file.Whenever the cache needs to be refreshed we just need to run the first mapping.Note: Take into account that it is necessary to ensure data integrity in long run ETL process when underlying tables change frequently.

Figure 2: Re-cache from Lookup Source Enabled In case of using a lookup reusable in multiple mappings we will have 1 mapping with “Re-cache” option enabled while others will remain with the “Re-cache” option disabled.

Thereby, it is recommended to get rid of those ports that are not used to avoid additional processing.

It is also a best practice to perform “ORDER BY” clause on the columns which are being used in the join condition.

However, before applying any of the mentioned features, an analysis of the tables and the SQL queries involved needs to be done.

You might have come across an ETL scenario, where you need to update a huge table with few records and occasional inserts.

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