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Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have officially confirmed their engagement with a traditional announcement in The Times.

Soon afterwards, we get a penis joke (or fifty), and plenty of toilet humour.

This is Efron as you’ve never seen him, but that isn’t near enough to make this film achieve its goals.

I’m sure the publicist would love for me to say here that there are ‘twists and turns, ultimating in a memorable finale’.

Jordan), who make a pact to stay single together after Mikey’s divorce. It all starts when he rocks up to work one day to find that his one night stand, who he ditched because he thought she was a hooker (classic move, Efron), is actually a published author and his new client.Inability to commit ultimately leads Jason, Daniel and Mikey into a tangle of despair, although there’s always just enough time for them to man up, and get the girl in the end. The first time you met your boyfriend he thought you were a hooker and left in the middle of the night?The problem with (apart from its shocking title) is that the happy endings balance on the female characters having little to no standards. Your boyfriend told his friends he was sleeping with someone else instead of dating you, and then literally walked out of your family thanksgiving party with no pants on? What an inspiring 21 is likely to make you very pessimistic about love and relationships; however, in the world of romantic comedies everything should observed through rose coloured lenses.After all, the film tries so hard to be this decade’s vulgar-yet-earnest male rom-com.This is evident from the opening scene, which sees female favourite Zac Efron unleash a profanity, underscoring his apparent transition from teenage heart-throb to ‘cool dude’.

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