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For instance, ‘Asbergers in adults’ or ‘asberger in adults’ may be the term that they type in to find out more information.

I just thought that I would mention this as you may arrive at this page and be happy to learn the correct spelling of this word.

Parenting is not an easy task at the best of times.

When one or both parents have aspergers then the task of being a parent may be even more challenging.

It is important that the situation be explained to the child as they grow so that they can better understand that both parents love him or her and that it is because of the asperger condition that some of the additional challenges arise.

Problems may come up when routines and schedules are broken or changed.

Finding it hard to understand facial expresses or to read between the lines with what others say or do can also make relationship building a challenge.

It may not even be that the person with aspergers does not experience emotions, but rather that he or she does not know how to express these emotions.

If you step back for a moment and imagine what it would be like if you did feel various emotions in different situations and yet were unable to know how to express these emotions, then what would you do? According to some aspies this is indeed the case, that they feel emotions, sometimes evenly strongly, but are not able to display and express what they are feeling inside. It may be difficult for an to fully grasp the importance of the entire concept of courtship and relating that precedes sex.

Keep in mind too that aspies have strengths as well as weaknesses, just like everyone else on the planet.

So even though there are challenges and difficulties there are also strengths that need to be remembered and encouraged.

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