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The thing I really like about BD is that his advice is EVIDENCE BASED.

This works really well because BD is an anal retentive madman when it comes to testing and recording everything he does and is also a time management freak.

This is EXACTLY what is needed for him to do all the testing for us!

If you are new to online dating the single most important thing to help you understand how it actually works is the funnel on p.94.

Don't let the 3 stars mislead you as that is my personal view for me.

It's a pretty solid book and covers everything you need to know about online dating and goes into great depth on the subject matter .

Let’s be clear – there’s nothing wrong with having some beers on St. But for some, having a few beers isn’t really an option. As someone that has played, fought, and bonded with other men in sports, martial arts, and lifting weights, it really annoys me that I am being generally lumped in with douchebags that think taking a kiss, or taking a grope is cool. Men of my age (Gen X) have never been the pinnacle of Beta perfection that is pushed as ideal in this modern age.

All of the information you need to improve your online dating results is in one place and in logical order.

Patrick’s Day may leave you feeling a bit out of the loop. Patrick’s Day isn’t really a heavy drinking holiday in many…

The holiday, which is highly popular all over the world, has a reputation for being a pretty big drinking day. [Read more]Though we tend to stay out of politics here at Hall of The Black Dragon, I found it prudent to address the brand new go-to excuse for predatory language–in regards to women–the now trending term of Locker-Room Talk.

There are a lot of considerations to work through when it comes to starting your own business, but there is a lot of great advice available to make the process flow more smoothly.

Look at your interests, skills, and passions to pinpoint the right business idea The first step in creating your own business is to pin down the right idea.

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