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The was the brainchild of Steve Jobs who got the idea of the mouse and icons after seeing a prototype of a similar Xerox computer during a visit to its base in the Silicone Valley.

'It is significant in being the first computer to include many of the features we still use today; overlapping windows, pull-down menus, drag and drop and the recycle bin.

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Violet Lim saw a business opportunity in the competitive world where the lives of busy professionals revolve around work and the boardroom.

Further observation of her family, friends and colleagues who complained about having little time for love due to their busy schedules convinced Violet even more and led her to set up her own matchmaking company called Lunch Actually in 2004 with her then fiancé, now husband Mr Jamie Lee.

She has come a long way since then and her spot-on business acumen has paid off.

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